by Cynthia Marie

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TaCoCaT Cynthia's album is like a nice, refreshing drink after a hard day's work. A blend of tunes sometimes melancholic, goofy or just plain fun (but never broken) has something for everyone! Favorite track: Sometimes Broken.
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released July 24, 2016

Thanks to everyone who helped me make this, my friends and family, and all my listeners - hope you enjoy it! :)

Cynthia Marie, piano/keys/vox, tracks 1-12
guitar, 3, synths/processing, 5, 8, 9
Jeff Reed, bass, tracks 1-4, 6-8, 10
Larry Ferguson, drums, tracks 1-4, 6-8, 10
Argee Rivera, guitar, tracks 1, 3
Besufekad Tadesse, alto sax, track 1
Jill Warren, vox, tracks 1, 4, 7, 9, 10
Gwen Bayly, flute, track 2, soprano sax, 5
Laura Schwartz, violin, tracks 4, 10
Jenny Terry, vox tracks, 4, 9, 10
Jahnel Daliya, vox, tambourine, track 4
Olivia Mancini, guitar, track 6
Janel Leppin, cello, effects, track 11
Cameron Peace, guitar, track 12
Rachel Robinson, violin, track 12
Dave Bush, drums, track 12
Birch Pereira, bass, track 12, engineer, flute/sax tracks 2, 5
Randall Dunn, engineer/mixing, track 12 Avast, Seattle, WA
Mike Reina, engineer/mixing,The Brink, Centerville, VA
Don Godwin, engineer/mixing, Airshow, Takoma Park, MD
Mastered by Mell Dettmer at Studio Soli
Portrait by Melika Carr Photography
Design & Layout by Joel Litwin, Redcandle design, www.redcandle.net
Printing by Copycats Media, www.copycatsmedia.com

All songs written/arranged/produced by
Cynthia Marie Dillard, Copyright 2016



all rights reserved


Cynthia Marie Maryland

Cynthia Marie is a singer-songwriter, and piano player. Her influences include classical piano, jazz/blues, improvisation, Appalachian and Irish folk songs, Chinese music, gamelan, loud rock, quiet electronics, and music by friends and family ...

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Track Name: Where are you
Where are you

Where should I go to find you?
I’m a million miles away
Oh let it out they said
Write this moment down.

How can I hear you call?
A storm is coming
Shallow eyes, by the rise
A storm is going
and I still miss you
Where are you?

Send me a flower born
out of the soil of your old country
Write me the words to sing
when I may finally see
your face

-C. Marie
Track Name: Harbor

I need a moment to think
if we can be

Not pretending

If we could be true
and you could be you

We’ll lead the softest parts to
harbor safely

And this time
you can create me too

In this life,
We will be understood

-C. Marie
Track Name: Bellowing

What if I was already happy
then I wouldn’t need to be

One more thing

It would be so freeing
just getting to sing

I could stop this asking
and reassuring
if it’s really me - that is all I could be!

There is no mistake I wouldn’t make
it’s just learning

Maybe everyday
we could find a new way
we could hear the voice inside of us


There would be a light
flowing in our bodies
it would be a freeing feeling

and everyday I’d want to
remember all that happened here
every moment mattered to me


There are many times
we are told we can’t go
we are not enough for someone’s fight


But maybe there’s a place
Only that we can know
where we’ll find our strength and healing

-C. Marie
Track Name: Oh, Legs!
Oh, Legs!

One sleepy morning, I rose to get my coffee
In my palace of pride, I was all alone - NO!
There was an angel, waiting to see me
Her eyes all a-glow, I was sold, I was sold

Oh, Legs! she was a dancer,
I was lucky to have glanced her
walking my way, I had no say,
she was the answer, she was the answer

But there’s something about love, it’s hard to be sure of
When you’re feeling a fear, do you run, do you run? - NO!
But I had to go, oh the pangs in my soul
I was sweeping up my life, and I swept away yours

Oooh - oohh - oohh - oh no, oh no

I’m sorry for being unkind,
you know that my mind - was not where my heart was
and if I could see you - just one last time
I’d show you my love, my love is honest

So, Legs! came to my pillow, but I knew I was a widow
I was in love, she was enough
but I couldn’t feel, no I couldn’t feel
Now this haunting and mellow, tune for a fellow is all I got
till my next shot, oh let it remind us ..

-C. Marie
Track Name: Let go the Ghost
Let go the Ghost

Tell me why would I try to write a song about you?
Would you leave me out in the cold while I was trying to get through?
Would you leave me out?

Let go the Ghost!

I want to make a new plan for us, a place we can go
where we are alive and I promise you, we won’t be alone
We are not alone!


We will polish our minds and our hollow bodies
we will be a light to those wandering, fallen at sea
We will be a light!

-C. Marie
Track Name: Sometimes Broken
Sometimes Broken

Don’t want to live in fear
don’t want to live my life unspoken
no givin’ a cheat my time
or wastin’ my emotion

There is a stronger one here
I am discovering
You may not know her yet
But I will love her

We are Sometimes Broken
All Times Beloved

In the middle of the night
I hear another cry
They waited the whole day
to let those tears fly

Their story is untold
but we already know
there is a struggle inside
we’ve got to let it go

We are Sometimes Broken
All Times Beloved

Won’t you make a promise saying
that you will love yourself
when times get hard
and you’ve got nobody else

There is a kinder world here
in the way we treat ourselves
be kind to your mind
to your body, soul, that’s your wealth

We are Sometimes Broken,
All Times Beloved

-C. Marie
Track Name: Zero

There’s no going back
there’s no moving on

There’s a pocket in my heart
that won’t be filled again

It begs and rises with my breath
like it was half a man

I can’t find zero
there is no zero

Just one, without one

I loved you in the summer
as you ran to me

You filled my heart with honesty
and happy scenes

We had a dream
or I had a dream
was it only me?

Could you follow my needs
now I have let you be free?

but I had let you be free
since the beginning ..

I can’t find zero
there is no zero

Just one, without one

-C. Marie
Track Name: Love me Better
Love me Better

You did a wrong thing, you want me to keep
I can't keep it darling, it'd be the cancer in me

You can't wreck me anymore babe
I build faster now than you ever could destroy

So you can comfort somebody else tonight

I'm great at dressing to hide my wounds
You couldn't tell babe that you broke me in two?
I'll be far away, far away soon
Far away, away, away from you

So you can love me babe, you can love me babe

You can Love me better when I'm gone, gone
Love me better when I'm gone

Why, why, why
do you Love me better when I'm gone?

-C. Marie
Track Name: Home

If I just had, one last song to sing
one last word to bring
I’d give it to you

Hold on my lovely
though the road is long
I know it leads us home

If I just had, one last day to be
one last breath in me
I’d say to you

I’ll love you always
always will, and I know
that I’ll see you at home

-C. Marie